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If you are a parent with a child in PS 221Q then you are automatically a member of the PTA Community!

At the end of each school year, elections are held to determine the following year’s executive board members. The executive board consists of a group of parent volunteers who organize, host and execute all of the PTA calendar events and programs in the school year. Our mission is to guarantee that all of the wonderful students and staff at P.S. 221Q have a well rounded educational experience inclusive of social and academic programming, events, and experiences. We cannot do our jobs without the help of the P.S. 221Q parent and school community and we depend largely on parent volunteers, class parents, and school staff to help with all the additional programming we bring into the school. We are Many we are one, We are P.S. 221!

The current 2020-2021 Executive Board Members are:

Sonia Arora, President

Pearl Cheng, Recording Secretary

Debra Daniel, Treasurer

Wacima Chabane , Financial Secretary

Joann Pikramenos, Membership

Pandora Lui, Fundraising

Lauren Purificato, Programming

Michael Leon, Webmaster


Allow us to introduce ourselves:

I have a daughter in first grade and my son is a PS221Q alumni and in 6th grade. I have been part of the PTA and SLT since 2015 and I’m excited to make this school year fun. – Sonia Arora


My daughter Olivia graduated ps221 this past year and my youngest daughter Isabella is in the third grade. I’ve been part of the PS221 community since 2013 and acting treasurer since  2015 or 2016. As treasurer of the PTA, I am responsible for the record-keeping of all funds and income received by the PTA. I am also responsible for keeping a record of all expenditures and providing a written treasurer’s report at each meeting. – Debra Daniel


Hi, my name is Lauren Purificato, I have two daughters at 221- a first grader and fourth grader. 2 years ago I co-chaired the Fundraising Committee, and this year I will be the Programming Chair. I’m looking forward to this year-  we will find ways to make it special for everyone!


My name is Pandora Lui. My children are in the 1st grade and 3rd grade. I have always love volunteering ever since I was in Key Club during high school. Since 2018, I have been supporting and assisting with PS 221 PTA as Fundraising  Co-chair.


Wacima Chabane, First year with the PS 221 family. My son Ayden is in kindergarten and I have a 15-month-old baby girl, Adelyn. I love finance so I ran for any and all financial positions! Lol


Hi my name is Joann Pikramenos. I’ve worn many hats throughout my 10+ years at 221Q from Recording Secretary to Webmaster, 5th-grade committee, to Co-President. I have three girls in three different schools, the oldest in H.S. and the youngest in 4th grade. All 3 have had the pleasure to walk through the energetic halls of our tremendous school and be in the best of care with our remarkable staff making it a no-brainer for me to give back and be part of the PS 221 PTA team!!!   


Pearl Cheng is a mother of two students at P.S. 221, one in kindergarten another in 3rd grade. This is her 3rd year on the PTA as Recording Secretary.


Michael Leon, This is my first year in the school, my son Gino is in KB8. I am helping mostly virtually with all things website and internet related. I’m happy to join the team. Stay safe in 2020